Trial of the Sorcerer - p8 files

Added the p8 source code files for those who wish to try it in a Pico-8 emulator.

Due to storage limitations, the game jumps between two carts. One handles the menu and cheesy intro animation, the other is the actual game.

Files 48 kB
Aug 18, 2023

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Thanks a lot for this p8 file, so cool to play your game in Batocera :)

FWIW, we don't support multi-file p8 games in Argon yet, but we would like to. Are you open to questions if we run into issues when we work on that down the line? (Send us your email address via social media or similar if so). We're using fake08 with some extra pre-processing as the core at the moment.


Sure, if you want.

Trial of the Sorcerer's multi-cart is pretty basic. It just jumps between carts using the load() command. As long as that works, and the carts can access the same cart data (via cartdata(), dget(), dset()) that's all it should need.