An old game I wrote several years back. I wanted to see what it took to push a game through to completion. (Short answer: A lot of time and work.)

The game is inspired by classic arcade shoot-'em-ups. It's not bullet hell, rather it's one-hit-and-die with game play and difficulty balanced accordingly. If you get a feel for the different enemy firing patterns, and how to take advantage of the slow turning speed of enemy turrets then you can last pretty well even on hard mode.

I had plans for a story line involving a mad scientist feeding technology from the future back through a time portal, hence the game would evolve from classic WWII weapons and vehicles into something more sci fi. But I couldn't draw a decent cut-scene to save my life, and the futuristic technology ideas didn't get far past "umm.. here's some lazers".

Still I think it's fun, I put a fair bit of work into getting a game play balance that I liked, and I'm particularly happy with how level 5 turned out. So if you're a fan of retro shmup with a distinct indy flavour you might enjoy it.

5 levels, 5 end bosses (or 7 depending on how you count them), 3 mid level bosses, 30+ minutes of game play to complete.


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