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41:04, included Pool. Jiggs choked it up and handed me the game. Felt like it had good ambience even without BGM. that lack of shooting lines made it more engaging I feel, since the outcome of the shot was more in doubt.

Such a great fun game, just simple enough, no super complex pool rules. No non-sense. Love it!

I think the AI might be bugged because 3 times in a row the AI only needed to sink one more ball of it's color and for some reason shot at the black ball ending the game, is this a bug or is the computer just pitying me for being bad at pool?

Hard to say without seeing it.

The AI is pretty basic though. If it can't find an unobstructed shot then it will often do something silly. It also doesn't understand bank shots or consider what could happen if it hit the other balls on the table.

I had some ideas about making it smarter, but ran out of space to implement them :)

I love billiard games. I can say that I shot this game for that purpose.